Coda + Givitas Community

Coda is excited to launch the Coda + Givitas Community Platform to our community. We want to use Givitas to make it easy and efficient for Coda residents to exchange help, support, advice, information, resources and make valuable connections. As all of our teams have been working remotely in some capacity and some have yet to meet their colleagues and peers in person, we are excited about the potential of this dedicated space for Coda's residents to get to connect. 

To join to the community:

       1. Login here:

       2. Setup your profile.

       3. Click the "Ask for Help" tab and write a question. The topic can be any request either personal or professional. Think of Givitas as out own "NextDoor" for               the Coda community. 

       4. Once you have submitted your request, click the "Offer Help" tab and see if there is anyone else you can help.

       5. Use the tags and search features to look for previous postings and useful connections. 

If you have any trouble with any of these login steps, email for help or reach out to